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RETT Awareness Month in Switzerland

October 1st 2023: RETT Awareness Conference in Zurich:


The Speakers of the Rett Awareness conference in Zurich Switzerland

Left to Right: Prof. Dr. Angus Clarke, Dr. Julia Indera Ramlogan, Prof. Dr. Gerd Kullack-Ublick, Prof. Dr. Stuart Cobb, Justine Ramlogan

Chloe's sister Charlotte playing the guitar

Many families affected by Rett syndrome, medical professionals, therapists and other supporters of raising Rett awareness visited the event

October 2nd 2023: Rett Awareness Lectures in Zugerberg, Zug:

Awareness Poster.jpg

The Institute Montana Zugerberg worked together with the RETT Cure Research Institute to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome

Chloe was present at the event to show in reality to students what it means to live with Rett

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