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Who we are


Who is Chloe?

Born on 03.03.2012 in Zurich Switzerland and considered at birth to be a seemingly normal healthy baby. Parents are from Switzerland and Trinidad & Tobago. Chloé is the 2nd of 4 children in her family. From around 9 to 14 months old, she showed signs of slightly lacking motoric skills, which prompted her mother to seek medical advice. At the Children's Hospital in Zurich, after many tests, including MRI, nothing significant could be found to conclude a diagnosis. Her mother persisted and insisted that genetic testing be done. After the genetic testing at the Children’s Hospital in Zurich on 20.06.2014, Chloé was given the diagnoses that she has ‘RETT Syndrome’ and her mother was told that it causes physical and mental regression and that there is no cure.

We have to fight for her because she can’t fight for herself.


Chloé has an older sister Justine and younger twin sisters Amélie & Charlotte.

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