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The latest news about rett syndrome


Parent Feature: Interview with a "Super Mom" Julia Ramlogan.

Julia Ramlogan's Interview at the Institut Montana Zugerberg can be found here

Rett Cure in the Zuger Zeitung

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Rett Awareness Month

The Rett Cure Research Institute is deeply committed to fostering awareness and understanding of Rett syndrome in Switzerland. In a significant outreach initiative, the institute educated over 400 students, teachers and staff about Rett syndrome at Institute Montana Zugerberg, where Chloé's sisters are enrolled. Further cementing our dedication to this cause, we held a comprehensive informative event on the 1st of October 2023. This event aimed to enlighten attendees about the syndrome, promote understanding, and rally support for those affected by Rett syndrome. Our continued efforts in Switzerland underline our determination to make a difference and drive positive change in Rett syndrome awareness.

Recent News from the Institute Montana:

On today’s International Day of Charity, we look back to a very special moment close to our hearts. ❤️ “I will fight until my Chloé and all those living with this syndrome are cured. I will fight until my last breath. And if that fails, I will ensure there is a successor to carry it on - to save these silent angels” - Dr. Julia Indera Ramlogan, Founder of Institute RETT, mother of a patient and three of our fellow students.

At our annual student choir concert, we celebrated not only the end of a memorable school year but also the spirit of giving back. This year’s concert was dedicated to the RETT Cure Research Institute, an organization close to our hearts. Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic mutation affecting brain development primarily in girls. Infants seem healthy at birth. No cure exist. It causes devastating regression in their abilities to walk, talk, and perform basic tasks independently - they need help 24 hours.

Together with our Head of Music, Guido Bissig, and our Head of Charity, Anneke, we organized this year’s summer choir concert in collaboration with the RETT Cure Research Institute to raise awareness and fund for their cause.

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